Wholesale Vintage FAQ

Wholesale vintage clothing is a great option for vintage resellers who are ready to take their vintage sourcing to the next level. If you are tired of thrifting, going to estate sales, and flea markets...it may be time to consider wholesale vintage clothing. 

Want to place your first wholesale order with Baz Brothers? First check out our wholesale vintage FAQs!


Q: What is the name of your business?

A: The business name is Baz Brothers Unlimited. We are a vintage wholesaler, not a raghouse. Baz Brothers Unlimited was started in the early 90s by Art and Rafi Bazerkanian.

Q:Where are you located?

A: We are located in Fresno and Los Angeles, California.

Q: Do you have a minimum?

A: Our minimum in Fresno is $1000 and our minimum in Los Angeles is $250.

Q: Are you open to the public for shopping?

A: No, we are not.

Q: Do you require a wholesale license for purchase?

A: Yes, we ask that you send us a copy of your resale license prior to your visit. It is smart to keep a copy on your phone.

Q: What days of the week/hours are you open?

A: Our Fresno location is open Monday-Thursday from 8:30-4:00. Please contact Art at (626) 253-2732 to schedule. Our LA location is open Friday, hours vary. Please call (do not text) Rafi at (818) 398-1884.

Q: Do you have a product list?

A: No we do not. We ask that, when you are ready to place an order, you send over a wishlist. Please be as specific as possible and make your list by style. It is helpful if you can include color choices as well as sizing breakdowns.

Q: Can I place an order remotely?

A: Sure, but you would have to meet our Fresno minimum of $1000. We ship via UPS ground and can also ship pallets via freight carriers. 

Q: Can I bring employees with me during my visit?

A: We ask that you limit the amount of employees you bring with you to two people max. This is not a place to bring friends to shop.

Q: What methods of payment do you accept?

A: We accept cash, credit card, PayPal, and Venmo. For remote orders that need to be shipped we require payment at time of shipping.