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Are you a vintage reseller looking to level up your business?

Throughout the last few years, the vintage and secondhand reseller market has exploded! This means you will need to go an extra mile to stand out among your competition.

We have two questions for you:

Are you truly happy with where your vintage resale business stands right now?

Are you doing everything you could be to ensure that your business functions optimally?

We are Bridget Marowski and Art Bazerkanian,
and together we are two parts of Baz Brothers Unlimited, a vintage clothing wholesaler based in Fresno and Los Angeles, California. Starting a vintage resale business is hard. Maintaining and growing that business is harder. Whether you’re thinking about jumping into the vintage resale world, you’re just beginning your journey, or you’re up to your ears in all-things vintage, we are here to help you pave the way toward your visions and goals.

Online Mini Courses

As a former educator, Bridget knows how important continuing education is! We offer online mini courses that are designed to educate the vintage reseller. All courses are delivered to you and can be completed at your own pace.


For your bi-weekly dose of all things vintage, check out our podcast: My Best Vintage Life. We cover a variety of topics that benefit both resellers and enthusiasts alike!


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