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Hello! We are Bridget Marowski and Art Bazerkanian, creative director and CEO of Baz Brothers Unlimited, a vintage wholesaler based in Fresno and Los Angeles, California. 


Bridget was born and raised in Pennsylvania. She started her career in fashion after leaving a job in education. She worked a variety of fashion styling and fashion journalism jobs before working as a vintage buyer for Urban Outfitters. 


All of this was proceeded by years of thrift stores visits looking for vintage and learning by shopping. In 2016 she left Pennsylvania and headed west to California where she became a member of the Baz Brothers family. 


Bridget's previous experience as a buyer prepared her for the new role in the wholesale vintage world. She was able to understand the needs of clients both logistically and creatively. 


My Best Vintage Life Podcast has allowed Bridget to open her world as a creative director to a global listener base, with whom she enjoys interacting and discussing all things vintage. 

Bridget is based in Fresno, California and is the owner of two horses, Cruzado and Hollywood and a cat, Azzedine. 


Art was born in Beirut, Lebanon and came to the United States as a refugee at 8 years old. His Armenian parents taught him the meaning of hard work which shown through both he and Rafi as they started their business careers early, selling lollipops and sandwiches to classmates. 


Always a fan of the hustle, Art left a career in the chiropractic industry to sell vintage clothing. He and his brother Rafi built the company from the ground up starting humbly in Los Angeles in the late 1990s. 


Art is father to two sons of whom he is very proud. 

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